Name: Lucky Laserhorn
Lucky likes to gamble, collect old-school relics and drink Irish Whiskey. He is a member of the Four Corners gang and he has a girl friend named Chloe.
Weapon of Choice: Glock 42

Name: Chloe Amor
Chloe is top of her class at a Catholic School for the Creative & Performing Arts, although she feels like a bit of a misfit. She has an affinity for animals, soda pop and mopeds.
Weapon of Choice: .22 Cal


Name: 8-Ball
8-Ball is the kingpin and drug lord of New Babel, more commonly known as Marcus Laserhorn a mere local cargo inspector.
Weapon of Choice: Manipulation

Name: Baby
Baby is a bit of a egomaniac who enjoys spending his cash on flashy jewelry, the finest suits, getting manicures and things of that nature. But don’t let his soft side fool you, he’s not a member of the Four Corners for no reason, infamous for his wits and short temper, you don’t want to get on this little guy’s bad side.
Weapon of Choice: Dual Pistols


Name: Morbid
Morbid is a bit of an emotional recluse, a contemplative and conflicted man constantly fighting his own demons. He is a mixed martial arts expert and practitioner of the dark arts. Lucky’s best friend and 1/4 of the Four Corners.
Weapon of Choice: Bare Hands/Hawk

Name: Star Sakura
Star is an incredible markswoman, a member of the Four Corner gang and Morbid’s ex-friend. She’s a socialite who’s father has the political ties which help 8-ball gain control in New Babel.
Weapon of Choice: Godslayer 2.0