“Anime Fiend. Avid Gamer. Film Geek. But to put things simply, if I wasn’t making art I would probably go crazy.” Corey Davis, visual artist and co-owner of Atlanta’s City of Ink, has received unprecedented acclaim for his artistry both on and off the page. His comic debut, Provider, continues to grasp the illustriousness of his artwork as we follow protagonist Lucky Laserhorn through a post-apocalyptic clash best served with a side of revenge. With prose that’s endlessly energetic, “creating this comic gave me the ability to create my own world, which was absolutely mind boggling to me… With that being said, I hope you all enjoy!” –Corey Davis, Provider

“Being an art nerd, Melvin expressed his emotions the best way he knew how, through art. This led to the creation of Loveless Cupid. Tarnished by the world we live in today and its rigid ideologies, he was a modernized and ‘rougher’ version of the famous mythological cherub. After receiving much unanticipated fanfare through social media, Loveless Society was born. That’s when Mel…ok… enough of the third person stuff, we all know who’s writing this. Hi everyone. My name is Melvin Todd, but you can call me Loveless Mel, because it sounds a little cooler to my precious eardrums. I’m an artist. I prefer ninjas over pirates, but ironically I have a pirate tattooed on my hand. I dig love…so I made a brand called Loveless Society (confusing I know). When I’m not working on the brand, I let my daughter do my hair and boss me around. She’s uber talented.” –Melvin Todd, Loveless Cupid

Provider Comic is written by Corey Davis & James Daniel, with drawings by Corey Davis.