It’s been a long run. I didn’t just wake up and decide to start this project yesterday. Provider is actually a story I wrote 14 years ago as a teenager during a long Atlanta summer after finishing high school with one of my best friends, James Daniel. Inspired by hours of video gaming, listening to N*E*R*D and binge watching anime, we came eventually came up with this hodgepodge of ideas that would come to be what we all know as “Provider”. It’s that awesome teenage quirkiness that I like most about the story, loaded with supernatural fight scenes and post-apocalyptic pimping! @whoiscoreydavis.



I’m an artist. I prefer ninjas over pirates, but ironically I have a pirate tattooed on my hand. I dig love…so I made a brand called Loveless Society (confusing I know). When I’m not working on the brand, I let my daughter do my hair and boss me around. She’s uber talented. @lovelessmelvin