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Wow! We’re officially three months in, this is getting pretty exciting! This project has been helping me gain some much discipline when it comes to my creative work flow and managing my free time. (Although having my Wacom breakdown last month did ruin my lil’ buffer, mixed in with some addictive games of Overwatch, I barely finished coloring this very page yesterday morning.) True deadlines always make you pay attention to how much of your time you negate towards bullshit.

Last week in the story we got to see the Four Corners gang be reunited after Lucky’s long trip to the Sputnik Regio to obtain a some Noir. After suspiciously making his way into the small apartment, we now he shortly finds his Uncle, 8-Ball dead in the bathroom. Things aren’t looking good.

Speaking of post-apocalyptic worlds, I just finished reading this pretty cool graphic novel called ApocalyptiGirl by Andrew McLean, about a character named Aria and her cay, Jelly Beans in search of an item from the past that could change everything in their world. That’s pretty much all I can say without spoiling anything, but be sure to get your copy HERE if you like reading indie graphic novels. Also be sure to stay tuned next week to see what happens to our good friend Lucky!


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Just posted the final page for Issue #1 of "Provider!" Check it out at | #ProviderComic…
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