Provider Prologue #2
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PROLOGUE: In the year 2048, our once beautiful planet was ravaged by a massive nuclear war, leaving humanity all but obliterated, and reducing the earth to an arid wasteland. Decades later, survivors began to emerge from their vaults and bunkers to come together and build the largest city the world has ever known: The Mega-City known as New Babel. And life pretty much to returned to normal… for the most part.

Except the city was corrupt. Well-connected druglords, Power hungry politicians, and a police force rife with crooked cops molded the streets in their image. Just as the new drug, NOIR, arrived on the scene, the leader of the most powerful crime syndicate in the city, The Four Corners, was slain by his own comrades. While taking a shit, 8-Ball was ambushed, leaving his body riddled with bullets from a silenced submachine gun that would ultimately jam– Leaving them no choice but to use knives on poor Lucky…

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