Provider Page 21
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Hey Guys! Thanks for tuning back in (or catching up if you just started reading this comic from the beginning lol.) It’s nearly been 4 months since I launched the website and committed to this project, and I must say that it has truly been a humbling and gratifying experience! Making a comic is something I always wanted to do since I was a child, and now I’m finally make it happen. It’s been a real challenge getting these pages completed in time every week, (and sometimes not on time…) especially in between running a small business and trying to maintain somewhat of a social life. But I’ve been loving the experience, the struggle, artistically finding out what some of my weakness are and trying to conquer them. Getting better. (At least I’d like to think so.) A now we’ll finally be ready to go into print after I finish the next page!

But it’s still not looking like there’s much hope left for Lucky here… And I don’t understand why Baby finds it to be so fucking funny. (Ahem, sorry lemme watch my tone on here) but they definitely stuck ’em good. Find out what happens in the conclusion on the final page for Jambalaya Mixtape presents Provider: Issue 1 next TUESDAY!

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