Provider Page 20
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Okay, I can admit that I barely got this page out in time thanks to the release of the Nintendo Switch. Lol in between tattooing and working on the comic, I been pouring in hours on Zelda trying to save Hyrule from monsters and shit. It’s been too much fun, I love being able to pull it out literally anywhere to kill a giant cyclops or solve a quick puzzle then get back to work! But I still also had a lot of fun working on this page here, ofcourse some of the elements of this scene was inspired by the assassination of Julius Caesar. And drawing up the sleeve for Morbid’s tattoo is actually less of a pain than I thought it would be, he just might be joining the list of my favorite characters to draw, .

Unfortunately I can’t say the same for his actions on what happened here because Morbid was Lucky’s last line of hope. But it seems that even Morbid is out to get his hands on the rare drug, Noir for himself; and even though they was once childhood homies, I’m sure there is some motive behind his actions. There’s no telling for now… As always, Jambalaya Mixtape presents Provider is updated every TUESDAY, so be sure to tune in next week! Please feel free to drop a comment below and share! Thanks 🙂

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