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Well it seems as if 2016 has been full of the universal fuck shit for a multitude of people, including myself, and nobody is safe (I thought I had good karma ha!). Just last week, late at night, I was ready to burn some midnight oil and get to work on the comic but my Wacom Cintiq wouldn’t power on. I was just using it early that morning, but nothing I did to try fix it would work. I switched outlets and power strips, fiddled with the plug a bit, I even tried to blow inside of it like it was an old school video or something. All to no avail, so I hop my ass on google and start researching shit to see this is a common problem with my model of the Cintiq, and normally Wacom would repair this problem for free. However I’m just outside my warranty which ended in October so its gonna cost me a whooping $700 for them to change a charger port, that’s right a fucking charger port. Please please excuse my language, I’m mean at least I’m still alive and well! But fuck this Mercury Retrograde lol, I’m so ready for 2017.

But who really cares about my personal woes, lets get back to the story! That’s why you’re here reading this right? On this page Lucky further explains the process behind creating the futuristic drug, Noir. We also see him attempting to transport some from the Satellite City back to New Babel on Earth, taking “drug trafficking” to the next level. As always, Jambalaya Mixtape presents Provider is updated every TUESDAY! Please feel free to drop a comment below and share with your homies! Merry Christmas ya’ll!


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  1. Tai "Upgrade" Rotan Reply

    Wow, this comic is is insanely dope!! I love how the storyline is unfolding and building suspense. The writing is phenomenal. The artwork and colors are phenomenal as well!! Looking forward to seeing how the story progresses…

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