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As we dive deeper into the shameless world of New Babel, we see some characters turned out not to be exactly who we thought they were. I’ve always intended for Lucky to be somewhat of an unreliable protagonist/storyteller; with a major of the plot being told from his perspective, so we never really know what details may have been slightly misconstrued or completely left out!

I really enjoyed drawing and conceiving up this page! Not only did I finally get to draw the Four Corners (I won’t begin to tell you how long I spent designing Morbid’s tattooed sleeve lol, that’s another story), but I also got to design and make-up a bunch of these characters from “rival gangs” right on the page! Which is always fun! My personal favorite are the Romano Family and the Ladymen, what do you think?

At the point while working on the comic, I can remember being pretty obsessive. Lots of “sick days” off work and staying up into the early morning just to get to the next page. It was probably a little unhealthy, I almost even ruined a couple relationships by skipping back-to-back events and dodging a couple phone calls because I was in the zone. It didn’t help that whenever I could find any additional free-time I would binge on this video game called Overwatch, for hours at a time. Man, talk about insomnia, but you can finally put away the WD-40 now, your boy ain’t feeling so rusty drawing wise anymore! Plus I been juicing, signed up for some yoga, been riding my bike and hanging out with my momma to make sure I stay sane and fit. Stay tuned guys, see you next TUESDAY! 🙂

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