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Based on you guys response on social media, you like where this is going… I can’t lie, I’m so stoked, I couldn’t stop myself from leaking this page today! I know, I know… I said updates every TUESDAY, but really who’s complaining here? lol

We’ve all heard of those crazy obsessive Mom’s who thinks apple cider vinegar is the cure-all for everything, anything to heal her little baby… With my own mother in the past her go to elixir was Vick’s Vapor rub. Rather it be a a slight cough or bug bite, grab the Vapor rub.

I can kinda relate to Lucky on this one, being that I had a bit of a complicated birth as well. I was born with something called Rocker Bottom feet where my feet was pressed so closely along the lining of my mother’s stomach, that after birth they had to break most the bones in my feet and reassemble them into place which left with me a wicked flat foot lol, but I could still run and frolic with all the other kids so I was cool in the end.

While working on this page, I was trying out the “Record” function on my Wacom tablet so here’s a video of my creative process on making this page. This footage is sped up by 10,000%, it actually took over 12 hours to complete including inking, coloring and lettering (not including sketching everything out in the beginning.) Please let me know what you guys think, do you want to see more videos like this in the future?!

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