Provider Page 05
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*Drops mic* Okay, so maybe Lucky isn’t such a good guy after all… Well actually, he was never supposed to be a good guy. He was always supposed to be somewhat of an anti-hero. There will be points in the story where I will purposely make you cheer and root for Lucky during his struggles, but there will also be moments when I make you despise him and the decisions he makes. It’s one of my goals in keeping all of the characters in this story a little more realistic. Nobody is perfect, everyone has flaws, everyone messes up here and there, sometimes people will do the opposite of what you think is best for them. Even your best buds might disappoint you every now and then. People fuck up.

So okay guys, there you go! The first 5 pages in full color… Such an exciting adventure, I can’t wait to share the rest of the comic with you all! Be sure to check back in every TUESDAY for updates, I’ll be adding a new page every week! Physical copies of Jambalaya Mixtape presents Provider & Loveless Cupid coming early 2017! Please be sure to share with your friends and drop a comment below if you have any questions.

Today’s theme song:

5 comments on “Provider Page 05”

    • jambalayamixtape Reply

      Thanks homie! The G42 is definitely one of my favorite companions! good catch

  1. MARC EWART Reply

    Damn Corey that is fresh. I like the blaxploitation Funkadelic art style. And the colors are dope. Like I’m trippin on something. Lol I cant wait to read the rest. Let me know when I can buy a physical copy. Much support homie. Hey I have a new Facebook page. I will send you the link.

    • jambalayamixtape Reply

      Haha thanks homie! Physical copies should be ready sometime early Spring 2016.. Dont forget to shoot me that link

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