Provider Page 04
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Finally getting my swag back! Lol, no seriously, in contrast to the last page, I felt like this page was really going my way. At this time back in August, I was just coming off my tattoo tour so I had a lot more time to focus on Provider, I remember I started to have a lot more fun with camera angles and composition here.

I’m not even a cigarette smoker, but have you ever experienced one of those WTF moments where you just really needed it a smoke? Rather it be life throwing you the punches or a victory smoke because you just accomplished some damn near impossible shit. I’m not a tobacco lobbyist or anything, but sometimes a nigga just needs to smoke one. Right? (Especially when there’s no weed around lol)

BTW kids just say no! Only you can pervert a forest fire, especially with what’s happening here in North Georgia right now :/

(This video is not sponsored by Jambalaya Mixtape)

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