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To be completely honest I used to hate looking at this page, every part of me wanted to go back and re-draw some of these frames, but I promised myself not to backtrack once I felt like a page had been completed so I could finish the project within my set goal time. But drawing this page was really frustrating for me. At the time I was realizing how rusty I was, everything I spent so much time mastering in the past, like perspective and human anatomy, was beginning to slip away from me. I was really ready to give up and call a quits! (Drawing is not like riding a bike, if you don’t practice every day you will fall off!)
I even remember working on this page while we was on break at the Ink Master Season 7 finale, and I didn’t even have the confidence to show it to my fellow contestants what I have been working so hard on. I didn’t know if the dialog was too misogynist or if my character design was weak. So I keep it all to myself, scared of criticism and rejection. For me, I like to think of this as a transitional period, this was my motivation to get back on my grind and get it together. Because honestly as an artist, you should always feel like you da shit! So I promised to myself every page from her will be so next level!
A couple months went past, and I kept drawing more pages, then finally gained the confidence to start sharing my comic with my peers and a few others. I got my mojo back! And to my surprise everyone seems to really enjoy it, they all said it left them wanting more! They wanted to know more about Lucky and what was going to happen to him next! It was extremely gratifying for me, all of my hard work actually wasn’t in vein. So much for second guessing myself. Next time, I’ll try to remember not to be such a debbie-downer!

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