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Finally getting into my groove! Well sort of… Just as the plot thickens.

Has anybody else had the same feeling as Lucky though? Where everything you catch someone staring at you there’s something terribly off about it, like every single time? They just have bad vibes written all over them… Well for your sake, I hope it’s not where near as serious as whats happening here, and if so I sure hope you can handle it with more composure and dignity than our good friend Lucky here.

Welp, I really don’t have that much more to about this page in particular. It’s pretty straight forward. Check out this dope short film below called “Corey” by Ben Styles for Vimby. An intimate view into the life of an artist, me, Corey lol.

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- 4 days ago

📷 Chloe Amor takes Munchie on a “walk” thru the Neokyo Night Market in New Babel.
h J R

- 14 days ago

📷 Loveless Orgy by Melvin Todd
h J R

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