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I can’t even began to tell you how much this page means to me. It nearly took me half a year re-write the story and to muster up the confidence to get started drawing this project in late 2015. This is back when I was still struggling with idea with drawing this whole comic up traditionally with pens and pencils on paper or digitally with a Wacom tablet. Eventually I chose to go digital, but with this page, I decided to draw it up traditionally with pen and paper. So I finally grabbed a mechanical pencil, some microns and a bristol pad and got started.


A few days later I get an email from a curator at the High Museum of Art, saying he wants to come by my studio and check out some of my art work for an upcoming exhibit on Artist in Georgia. At the time, I thought he was talking about paintings, so I assembled some of my finest works, even stayed up all night to complete a few old paintings and invited him over the next day. He arrives to my studio and to my surprise he’s not interested in any of my paintings at all, he barely spent a second looking at any of them as he walked down the hallway. The core of my soul sank into the bottom of my asshole. “I’m a failure. My artwork must really suck or isn’t important, maybe I should stop painting women so much” are some of my thoughts before he walks over to my drafting table and starts shifting through some random Provider concept sketches.


“These are cool. We’re actually looking to do an exhibit with all works on paper at the museum.” Finally he comes across the inked drawing for this very page “This really amazing. Do you have more of these? We could display a couple of these pages, I like that idea.” Unfortunately at the time I didn’t… I spent so much time procrastinating on Provider and working on paintings I thought he wanted to see, that this was the only page I had ready for him. But he was still interested in purchasing the one page for the Museum’s permanent collection for $1000. Of course, I could turn down this opportunity! I’ve wanted to see my work displayed in a museum nearly my entire life! This was amazing, I’ve been immortalized! A piece of my artwork will be safeguarded for ages, I’m up there with the big boys! (Ofcourse after taking the original to Kinko’s first and having it scanned in)


With that being said, this is a $1000 page! Lol, that was exactly the push I needed to go full throttle and start drawing stuff for Provider everyday. So if you have any ambition to make your own comic, don’t delay! I’m not going to lie it a lot of work, certainly more than I expected. But stop being worried if people are gonna like it or not, judge how good you can draw or if your story has already been done before. Just start drawing now and put it out there!


And just in case my instructions here on Page 1 on making an Irish Car Bomb wasn’t clear enough for you, here’s a video:



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