Provider Issue #2 Page 8
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Hey guys! We’re back at it, definitely super inspired after visiting a couple cities on our East Coast Comic-Convention tour to promote and sell physical copies of Jambalaya Mixtape. We’ve both been learning so much, the reception has been great! We also heard all this time we’re spending in the “Artist Alley” is actually “paying dues” for a the noobies in the industry, but we’re down to grind it out. So far my favorite conventions have been Megacon in Orlando and Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC, but we’re most excited about DragonCon here in Atlanta, GA this upcoming labor day weekend.! Here’s a little sneak peek to our original layout below:

Back to the latest “Provider” page… In the middle of his raging fury, Lucky’s previous conversation with Detective Baronosky reminds him to call his last remaining family member, 8-ball’s son Dizzy. A mechanic on a spiritual conquest. After filling each other in on each others circumstances, Lucky mashes on the gas pedal, sending his car flying through the air. This page is pretty simple and straight forward but definitely leads up to an epic climax and serves purpose introducing Dizzy. Also these 1.5 inch enamel “Provider Pins” I just designed are now available on our online store for only $10 in all it’s glittery glory. Really groovy stuff, click HERE to get yours now!

I recently been working with producers, Asston Kusher and Tai “Upgrade” Rotan on the official Jambalaya Mixtape Soundtrack. A lo-fi jazz-hop album designed to be listened to while you read the comic or while you work on your own art if your an artist. We’ll be sharing a link for that on here sometime soon, so be on the lookout for that. I decided to use this image of Chloe Amor running with Munchie at the Neokyo Night Market for the album cover art. Lemme know what you think about it in the comments below!

Lastly, most of you know I try to share other cool things relating hip-hop to comic book culture here on the blog that’s not related to our own project. This Plan B episode features rapper, Denzel Curry, talking about his love for anime and having the chance to live his lifelong dream of creating his own comic book series. He teams up with renowned artist, McFly, to help him hone in on his idea. I really enjoyed this video, his new album TA1OO also just dropped last week too, so be sure to check that out as well! Peace guys, thanks for reading! 🙂


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