Provider Issue #2 Page 7
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Okay, okay I know I’m one day late again! Life threw me a curve ball in the form of a new Windows update that basically rendered my Wacom’s stylus useless this weekend. After couple hours of troubleshooting, updating Photoshop and the Wacom’s drivers, basically wasting my time, I finally found a simple solution for the problem I’ve dubbed as the “Cintiq Hand Glitch” HERE. (Just incase your’e running into the same problem lol)

I really enjoyed drawing this page! I’ve come to love drawing Dick Baronosky with his crazy hair and “Spawn-inspired” trench coat. Slowly but surely we are starting to learn a little more about this guy as he lightly interrogates Lucky about 8-Ball’s murder. Apparently they was even friends, but Lucky isn’t buying it and of course is reluctant  to give any information to the police. During the conversation we also discover Lucky’s precious cigarettes are actually precious and a rarity in the post-apocalyptic future.

However, after failing to spark a conversation, Baronosky walks away and Lucky takes off to New Babel’s bar district and the shopping area known as Neokyo, famous for it’s bright colored lights, prostitute ridden alley ways and and fast food take out. Apparently in search of Star Sakura, but we will have to figure out what happens next week so stay tuned!

Meanwhile we’ve been putting all our energy into preparing for this small comic convention tour we planned for this summer, here’s a brief preview of one of the new display banners we got in! Pretty dope right?! But also make sure you catch us at Criminal Records in Atlanta, GA for  “Free Comic Book Day” next Saturday, May 5th. I spent most of my day today finishing up this page but while I was drawing I also checked out Bat Ninja, a new anime inspired version of Batman on Amazon Prime that visually was pretty amazing, I really enjoyed it! Check out the trailer below and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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