Provider Issue #2 Page 6
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Hey Readers, thanks for tuning back in! I recently had to take a little break from the comic to handle some personal things but now my schedule has opened back up which allows me to focus more on Provider so I will be posting consistently again! That’s a promise, a lot of the upcoming pages have already been drafted up and things within the story are really about to start getting crazy. I’m stoked!

After finding out Lucky’s gang has been wiped out by the Four Corners on the previous page, here we are introduced to a group of orphans from his neighborhood called “The Raggamuffins.” Despite doing a couple loose concept sketches, I pretty came up with the final design of all of these characters right on the page. I almost became obsessed with it, devoting more time to one single frame than usual, treating it like a piece of cover art at some points. Lol, I probably should have just made it a full-page spread now that I think about it. With all of that being said we’ve even been discussing giving the Raggamuffins an even bigger role than what we initially had intended for them, maybe a lighthearted spin-off? We’ll see in the future, but maybe I should tell you more about this cast of characters first…

On the far left, there’s young Hazel, a timid tomboy and yo-yo world champion. Next to her is the paranoid parkour graffiti artist named Logo. And behind him is Fire Bug, who has developed a nasty reputation for being the town prankster. On the other side of Bobby James we have the king of the jungle and the neighborhood bully, Lion, who also has a soft spot for pastries. Last but not least, on the far right we have Reboot, an androgynous mute hacker, little is known about this kid but you can always trust Reboot already knows everything there is know about you.

Afterwards, just as Lucky starts his car and is ready to pull off, Dick Baronosky pops up to interrogate him. Of course Lucky isn’t happy about it, but we’ll have to see where this conversation goes next week. I can’t wait to see and hear your thoughts in the comments below! Make sure you buy a physical copy of Issue #1 HERE Catch you next Tuesday!

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