Provider Issue #2 Page 5
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Okay, okay… I’m a day late with this post, please don’t kill me! We’re still busy trying to sell the physical copies of  Jambalaya Mixtape Issue #1, but of course I got ahead of myself and started leaking pages from Provider Issue #2 online, soooo here we are. I might have also gone out with some friends last night and did some heavy, heavy drinking as well… Don’t judge me, but so what does everyone think of the new N.E.R.D album, No One Really Dies? It took a second to grow on me, only a couple listens, but I really like it! My favorite songs are “Deep Down Body’s Thrust,” “ESP,” and “Lightning Fire Magic Prayer.”.] I’m not really a fan of Wale, but he proablably had one of the dopest guest features to me, a lot of them seemed unnecessary.. But the album definitely evokes some of that young punk spirit from their earlier work; that in combination with seeing the premier of Star Wars: The Last Jedi late on last Thursday night really made my whole year!

In the beginning of this page we discover Lucky reluctantly took Chloe’s favorite bracelet from her as he drives down the street of his gritty neighborhood, Mechanicsville. The inspiration behind the aesthetics of this part of the city come from a combination of Brazilian favelas, small container homes and Industrial Detroit. Lucky soon finds out his home has been burnt down by molotov cocktails and many of his friends have been slain in drive by shootings by the hands of Star Sakura and Baby. He then tracks down neighborhood addict & informant, Bobby James, for more information on what has transpired while he was in a brief coma. Bobby James tells him that most of his foot soldiers and comrades are dead and there doesn’t seem to be much hope left, we will see how Lucky pulls through on the pages to come..

I spent a lot of time working on the backgrounds of this page, more than usual, originally I was intending on focusing on the use of blacks and creating dynamic contrast on this page, but of course I got distracted and took more time focsing on  attention to detail. I really like how it came out though, it just might be my best page so far… But also with the introduction of the character, Bobby James, I’d like to share this piano cover of N.E.R.D’s “Bobby James” by Nomnol below. I’ll be taking a lil’ break from posting the comic during the holidays but I will be back with new content for everyone at the top of the year. Thanks for taking time to check us out, please let me know your thoughts in the comments! Oh and hey by the way, Happy holidays!

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