Provider Issue #2 Page 4
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What’s up everyone! Sorry I wasn’t able to post a page last week, life finally caught up with me and I had to spend some time “adulting” lol. Any who, on this page we are introduced a french bulldog, Chloe’s new pet, Munchie. I’d be lying if I tried to say I wasn’t inspired by my own frenchie, Zoe, on this one. They’re such cool companions with their cute lil’ stubborn personalities and flat faces, and most literature is usually derived from some aspect of the author’s personal life. I also feel like all the coolest characters have companions, Sith Cat had his giant toy moogle in Final Fantasy, Fuu from Samurai Champloo had a flying squirrel named Momo, so it only felt right to give Chloe one too. I’m excited to share more of their adventures together in the future.

There was a snow storm in Atlanta this weekend, and if you don’t know anything about the city, everything completely shuts down at the first sight of flurries. So I had a little extra time to work on character expressions on this page. I tried to make sure each panel conveyed a different emotion based on the context on the conversation since this is the first time we get to see Lucky and Chloe get into a disagreement on page. I even took an extra second to work on some character model sheets for Chloe(shown above) so she could start looking more consistent when I draw her in the comic.

This interview with Todd McFarlene as apart of Complex’s Blueprint series came out a while ago, but I just came across it last week and got super inspired. Todd McFarlane opens up about his career as a comic book artist that includes making Spider-Man look cooler and eventually parting ways from Marvel to go indie to create Spawn. He also shares his blueprint to launching Image Comics and McFarlane Toys. But speaking of Spider-Man, has anybody seen the new trailer for Spider-Verse with Spidey swinging through the streets rocking a pair of Jordan 1’s yet?! Wayyy to epic, what a fine time to be a nerd. Lol to bad we will have to wait until Christmas 2018 to see it. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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