Provider Issue #2 Page 3
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Happy holidays ya’ll! I hope everyone enjoyed their thanksgiving and nobody got hurt trying to grab a 60″ TV at walmart on Black Friday. Lol the holidays are a time where families are brought together, and finally we are reunited with Lucky and Chloe at an animal hospital, to discover he survived the knife attack from his former comrades. Yay! As he awakens from a 2-day coma to find Chloe chillin’ with some puppy who tells him it was actually a veterinarian who saved his life.

It took me a little longer than a week to draw this page, that first panel was a lot of fun to draw! I kinda struggled with Chloe’s face in the 3rd panel, but I’m content with how it came out. In the future I’d really like to spend more time sketching up some more dynamic compositions for the comic’s page layout. Recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time rewriting and hashing out details on the following chapters. But not to get off subject… I’m sitting here listening to the audio book of “The Autobiography of Gucci Mane” as I write this and this shit is amazing! Lol I definitely recommend ya’ll check it out if you’re into that type of thing.

I also recently discovered that one of my favorite rappers, Common, will be entering the digital comic world as Caster early next year. Which centers on a rare antiques dealer who heads down a destructive path and ultimately finds himself caught up in international espionage. I’m pretty excited to see what these guys have in store for us, if you can’t tell by now I’m a huge fan of comic book/hip-hop mash-up’s, especially since Common will also provide an exclusive soundtrack for the series!

“It’s different than Indiana Jones, what drew me to him — it’s something about his taste and his knowledge of antiquities. It’s very unique.” -Common

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