Provider Issue #2 Page 2
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Hey Guys! On this page we learn more about the retired cop, Dick Baronosky, after he notices Lucky’s lighter at Star’s crime scene and decides do a lil’ evidence tampering by pocketing it. Then we flash backward to earlier day to some grimy animal hospital called Ruff Times. I can honestly say the pacing of this page is a bit slow, not a lot happens, especially in comparison how fast the story moved in Issue #1 but I still really enjoyed drawing it. With this issue one thing I wanted to improve upon was drawing more detailed and technical backgrounds. It’s one of my weaknesses with my art so I’ve been putting extra time in doing that.

It’s been a pretty good week so far though, we’ve been super overwhelmed trying to package and ship out all the pre-ordered comics! We really appreciate all the support, our work has definitely been cut out for us. And there’s still so much more work to do, I’m most excited about touring all the major comic book conventions early next year like Heroes Con in Charolette, NC or participating at DragonCon here in my hometown of Atlanta, GA to share Jambalaya Mixtape with some of my favorite artist and see what the world thinks about my story! That’s always been a major goal of mine…

Speaking about achieving goals, I also recently got a DM from one of my favorite local comic bookstores, Criminal Records, saying they just sold out of the first batch of Jambalaya Mixtape comics we left with them for “New Comic Wednesday” and they’d like for me to drop off another order! Whattttt?! I’ve always dreamed about selling my own comic there, and not only did I find a way to make it happen, but they also did well. So if you’re one of those old school folks who don’t trust buying stuff on the internet, you can always stop buy there and grab a copy.

Next I’d like to see Provider on the shelves of this awesome comic book store in Philidelphia called Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse, owned and operated by this young African-American lady named Ariell Johnson. The first of her kind, she’s such a pioneer that Marvel even recognized her on the cover of Invincible Iron Man last year, here’s a cool interview with her by MadameNoire above. Also speaking of Marvel, has anybody seen their quirky new Bob Ross promo video for Dead Pool 2? I haven’t really heard anybody talk about it much, but it was f*ckin’ hilarious to me.?

People like tangible things, physical things they can keep, take home and cherish. Or to show off to their friends to make themselves look cool, so don’t forget to buy a physical copy of Jambalaya Mixtape for $9.99 HERE! Lol thanks 🙂

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