`Provider Issue #2 Page 10
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Happy Halloween everyone! Usually most of the artist I know are cranking out daily “Inktober” drawings around this time of year. Although I do try to draw or sketch at least something every single day, I ain’t got time for all that lol, so I been spending all my time working on the comic, a couple paintings and tattooing. With that being said, I’ve noticed these most recent pages have been taking longer to complete as they continue to grow in complexity. Hell, I even struggled for hours to get the color right, setting the tone from the club lighting right but I’m pretty happy with the results!

On this page, Lucky wanders into Star’s club to find another security guard inside, he shoots him. The gunshots alert Star who calls on her guard dogs, two cybernetic dobermans Set and Anubis. Their names inspired by the Egyptian deities, I was a little out of my element but I really enjoyed designing their jovial steampunk mechanics.

Another thing I really wanted to explore and experiment with was playing with the typography of the sound effects and finding unique ways to place it within the composition of the artwork on the page. Trying to create a unique flow for readers, as well as use them as a design element instead of mere onomatopoeias. (I’ve always liked that word so I had to find a reason to use it. Do you have strange “favorite word” you always try to find an excuse to use? Like when Elle Driver used the word ‘gargantuan’ in Kill Bill? Lol leave a comment below and let us know)

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