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What’s up guys, it’s about that time again! Season/Issue #2 is finally out! I’ve been super inspired by everything that’s going on for Jambalaya Mixtape and in my own personal life right now, so now I’m ready to get the ball rolling. We’ve been working hard so let’s kick with the introduction of one of my favorite characters, the mysterious detective, Dick Baronosky. But first I’d like to know if you think that will be eventually be a hero or a villain? 🤔 Also I’d like to share this “animated short/opening sequence concept” of Provider by my homie and talented animator, Christos Perry. As we move further along with the project in attempt to build our own universe, we have really been trying to prepare as much material as possible to portray that. Hell, maybe we could even use this stuff in the future to pitch the story to Netflix or Adult Swim! Anyways check it out below

Pretty cool right?! I was amazed when I finally got to see it completed! But we also decided to debut the 1st issue of the comic in the form of an art exhibition at Notch8 Gallery, once we finally got the physical copies of Issue #1 printed and shipped in from China. With this art show in particular, Melvin Todd and I’s goal was to push the boundary as much as possible to create a true art experience for viewers of the comic, something special. We ultimately decided to paint some murals on the wall derived from our own comic book panels, exhibit some original artwork alongside huge archival giclees, make a neon sign and design shadow box tables to display our sketchbooks to give a glimpse into the BTS process for making a comic book. (One of my fan’s described that part as the “DVD extras” of the art exhibition and I thought that was hilarious!)

I’m always personally trying to do the most(sometimes too much) so I also wanted to find a way to project our new animated project, get a 3D model printed of Lucky’s Steampunk Caddy, and even screen print some old-school black light velvet posters. I honestly didn’t know how people would feel about comic art in today’s word in that type of “gallery” context, but to my surprise it was a huge success! We sold a couple hundred comics, more than half of the artwork hanging on the walls along with some additional merch and prints (We should be adding the remaining prints we have left on the shop online here soon BTW!).

Any woo, this is starting to feel a little bit long winded so I’ll wrap it up here… I can’t wait to see and hear about everyone’s thoughts for what we have to come in Issue #2 in the weeks to come! But most importantly I hope you enjoy, make sure you buy a physical copy of Issue #1 HERE and feel free to drop a comment below, I try to respond to everyone. Catch you next Tuesday!


-Corey Davis

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