Provider Page 19
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Sorry sorry sorry! I know it’s been a couple weeks since I last posted a new page, I kinda got distracted by deadlines for other projects and life’s punches. Don’t worry though, I won’t let it happen again! We had our big 10 Year Anniversary Art show last week over at City of Ink, which was pretty big deal and also a huge success. So I had to mentally pull myself out of “comic book mode” just to knock out a painting for that exhibition. My personal studio is pretty much completely covered with Provider notes, sketches and art; which helps keep me focused and inspired for the comic, so I decided to rent a cabin to get out of there and enter a fresh state of mind to make some fine art. All of that was fun, but honestly right now I just want to draw comics.

On page 19, we see Lucky being further double-crossed by the Four Corners gang, as Baby manages to counter his move and disarms Lucky before Star rushes in with another devastating blow to the gut. The only question is will his childhood bestie, Morbid, step in to his aid and save the day? Will Lucky actually be able to slither his way out of this one? What do you think is going to happen?

Find out next week! We only have 3 more pages left for this issue before the conclusion, and I’m already super excited about getting started on Issue 2. (Also super stoked to see what @lovelesmelvin has up his sleeve for the Loveless Tales of Cupid next month too…) But like I said, I don’t plan on falling off schedule again! Jamabalaya Mixtape presents Provider will be updated every TUESDAY!

Speaking of Webcomics, has anybody had the chance to checkout Image Comic’s Here’s Negan? It’s pretty dope, providing a glimpse into the backstory of their character Negan and how he developed into the man we all know on the Walking Dead. Everything they put out has been pretty next level and this definitely doesn’t fall short, especially when it comes to character development. Be sure check it out HERE. See ya next week 🙂

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