Provider Page 16
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What’s up everyone! We’re at page 16 and now finally all 4 of the Four Corners Gang have met up and been introduced to the story; Lucky’s long-time best friend, Morbid and his ex-girlfriend, Star Sakura. Everyone has something different to contribute to the to the gang rather it be Morbid’s brute force, Baby’s intellect or Star’s family influence. We get to learn a little bit about their relationship amongst each other through the dialogue they share with each other here on this page.

I’m still not completely happy with where my style is yet, but the comic is finally staring to look how I imagined it to. I definitely love being able to see the page-by-page progression as I finish up with the first issue. I only have to draw up a few more pages before we can start doing test runs with our printer for physical copies of the Jambalaya Mixtape Anthology featuring Provider and Loveless Tales of Cupid by Melvin Todd, which should be available for sale early this Spring. I also really appreciate everyone for taking the time to check in here online every Tuesday, it’s super inspiring!

UPDATE! I finally went to court for that gun charge (you remember that time I forgot I had pistol in my backpack at the airport a couple weeks ago back when I released Page 10) Yeah well it went super smooth, it was actually such a petty crime that I only had to pay a couple fines and I get to go pick up my trusty lil’ derringer tomorrow morning. Don’t worry I’ll be more conscious about that in the future and won’t let it happen again, can’t have Lil’ Corey going to jail! That wouldn’t be fun at all. Any who, just wanted to keep ya’ll updated on that, catch you next week!


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