Provider Page 13
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Happy New Years everyone! I hope every washed away they past woes from 2016, I personally made a nice little potpourri out of white sage, frankincense and palo santo and burnt it throughout my crib for the day. I also hope all of your wildest dreams come true this year! But wow, I can’t really believe we’ve made it this far already, page 13! And even with my Wacom being broken for the moment, still waiting to get that thing back… I promise to not let anything hold me back for getting these final pages out before we start publishing the physical copies of Jambalaya Mixtape early this spring featuring both Provider Comic and Loveless Tales of Cupid. I don’t really believe in New Years Resolutions but this is just a personal goal of mine. For me, I like to set a 3-5 year plan, then prioritize a list of small goals that works towards that plan. Then knock them out one at a time, that way I’m not overwhelmed with all this shit I need to do.

I warned you guys that Lucky can be a bit of dirtbag before, but we’ll get back to that later… Lucky has also been know to be obsessed and collect old-school relics from the past world like this steam powered Cadillac, American cigarettes & pistols (Actually pretty much everyone in this universe is facinated with ancient artifacts from today’s modern world.) A Steam Punk Caddy though?! I personally like to think that’s pretty insane!

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