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Happy holidays guys, I really hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas. I’m so happy to finally have the chance to introduce one of my favorite characters from the comic, Chloe! Lucky’s underage girlfriend. She is so fun to draw! I’m sure I might have said this before but this is definitely my best page so far, I’m really proud of how this looks. Finally confident in my style!

I know I’ve been complaining about life a lot lately, but I feel really good today. We’re 12 pages in! Since my computer has been broke, I’ve been binging on Overwatch and ranking up in competitive mode during my holiday break until Wacom repairs it and sends it back to me. If I was a little more of a nerd, I’d probably start uploading videos of my gameplay on youtube becuase I’d like to think I’m pretty good lol. But luckily, I had all my files backed up so I’m still able to post weekly and color the pages I have draw on my ol’ super slow macbook. Life might throw you punches, but you can’t let anything hold you back. Stay inspired young folks!


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