Jambalaya Mixtape Presents Provider Issue #2
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SYNOPSIS Lucky Laserhorn is a futuristic hustler and member of the Four Corner gang in the post-apocalyptic city of New Babel. When he is betrayed by his comrades, he is forced to seek revenge upon the team of drug dealers who double-crossed him. (Story inspired by the words and music of N.E.R.D’s In Search Of…)

Here’s a pretty cool interview I just came across with Method Man taking about his favorite comic books on AMC’s new show The Secret History of Comics. Finally got to check out the first episode last night and one thing I can say this show is definitely inspiring as an artist and a comic book collector. Though this clip below is brief, it’s awesome to see this blend of hip-hop and comic book culture. Even with something as simple as Outkast’s Atliens cover or Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle, has always been super dope to me. (Can’t forget to mention that time when Marvel recreated all the classic hip-hop covers a couple years ago!)

With this cover in particular I was going for some strange mash up between the old school Superfly and Star Wars movie posters from back in the days. This is actually wasn’t even the original concept for the cover art, at first it was going to be Lucky and Chloe just chillin’ out on his Caddy. (I’m sure I’ll find a way to share that image with ya’ll later because I really love it).

But finally, I’d like to present to you Issue #2! If you pre-ordered a copy of Jambalaya Mixtape Issue #1, we’ll be shipping those off first thing tomorrow so you can expect that in the mail soon. If not, then you need to head HERE now and buy a copy now for only  $9.99

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